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This site was opened on 13 January 2007. I'm not sure exactly how I first heard of VM but I know that I first saw them on Youtube playing their rendition of "A Whole New World." I was more than impressed! These girls all play the same instruments I do and really show me what I can become (with a lot more practice). My favorite's gotta be Waka! Ever since I heard her jazzy improv on "naked love" I was smitten. These girls deserve some great exposure!

The current layout features Waka and Mariko, scanned from the 1st Mini-Album booklet. Individual pictures (above this text) were cropped from a poor quality Youtube image. This layout was created with Jasc Paintshop Pro and coded using Notepad.

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Below are links to VM's short, live performances on Youtube. I'm striving to collect all as many links as possible. If you know or have any links to clips not mentioned here, please email me.

This is our junior rectial performance of "Haku" January of 2009. It wasn't the best performance but we did a pretty good job (especially with having to memorize it!)
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