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Vanilla Mood (バニラムード) is an unusual japanese "girl group." They not only write, sing, and play their own music, but these girls use classical-style (orchestral) instruments setting them apart from the other groups on the Japanese music scene. All members have been playing their instruments from a young-age and - now in their 20s - are masters of improvisation and composition. VM combines music of various genres, breaking the boundaries of music classification.

Usually, there are four members in VM: Waka (flute), Mariko (violoncello), Yui (violin), and Keiko (piano/vocals). But in some performances, Waka is replaced by Emilee (violin).

As performers, VM is recognized for their very expressive playing. Some criticize the excessive amount of movement each girl makes when playing together. Others applaud how controlled and smooth their sound while moving. At times, VM members are veyr concentrated and do not have variant facial expressions; usually a slight (sometimes plastered) smile. But you cannot tell me that this affects their playing in any way.

If you've heard/seen VM, you probably saw them on youtube.com playing "elevator music." Much of their promotion, it seems, is performing brief, arranged renditions of American and Japanese pop hits including "I Say A Little Prayer for You," "A Whole New World," and "Theme from Lupin III." You can check these clips and more by following the links on the extra page.

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1st Single: アジュカ (Ajuka)
1.アジュカ WATCH
2.Supersonic Girl
3.X'mas Melody WATCH

2nd Mini-Album: 雫 (Shizuku)
1.Day By Day WATCH
2.must be love
3.THRILL -山の魔王の宮殿にて-
6.everlasting time

1st Mini-Album: Vanilla Mood

1.アイノトリコ LISTEN | WATCH
2.春フルぷるん LISTEN | WATCH
3.SOLDIER@my soul
6.naked love~亜麻色の髪の乙女~

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