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This section is more of me, but I make it open to the public just 'cuz. Here I honor the reviewers who take their time to look over my site and pinpoint my errors/mistakes. I'm grateful to everyone who does this and understand what they go through (I used to be a reviewer myself).


VBunny's review [sept. 2008]

Manga-Angels is a great general BSSM site that offers a bit of "love" for its visitors. Owner VBunny offers very detailed reviews for websites - and this was no exception. I didn't know I could even make all these mistakes!! She is very accurate and helpful in her suggestions and corrections. I hope she goes far.

Hotaru's review | Diana's review [2003]

Delicious Radiance Reviews was a very popular review site and had received much respect and acclaim for their prompt and well-written reviews. I loved DRR because they were real; if they liked it, they said it; if they didn't, they SAID it!

Yumemiru Reviews
Aurora-hime's review [nov. 2002]

Yumemiru Reviews was one of the best. Aurora really inspired me to write more and more information for my shrine. It had some of the best rants/raves out there. Her site is still open so you can see her old reviews and such.

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