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Leaving already? If you want to link back to ~WS~, use the buttons provided below. I've also given some links to H&M shrines and other BSSM sites. It's unfortunate that many very popular H&M shrines are closing down. Please, let's try to keep the spirit of H&M alive! Enjoy!

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haruka fansites

Turbulence: The Second Impact

One of most valuable Haruka shrines with tons of information. It's completely dedicated to Haruka and offers a wide variety of info on almost every aspect of Haruka. Navigation is a little difficult, at first, but once you get the hang of it it's nicely done. You can tell the owner spent a lot of time to create such a detailed site. I wish it was still active ...


michiru fansites

Ganymede's Sailor Neptune Shrine

The MOST informative Neptune shrine you'll find on the Net! I was very impressed with how much information he - yes "he" - has on this girl. Ganymede really dives deep and reveals a whole lot about Michiru that you probably don't know. His shrine even offers Seramyu mp3s and a large collection of screencaps/images. Very, very good shrine.

Ocean Deep

haruka + michiru

Sky Coloured Oceans

One of the longest running H&M shrines out there! The information is very accurate and present in some of the most innovative ways. Not only that, but SCO offers nice opinions on some of the more controversial H&M subjects (including the famed "Friends vs. Lovers" debate). Galleries include good quality pictures and SOC even offers manga scan for you to view [please don't steal!]. You'll most likely grow very attached to the layout; I know I did. SOC's an all-around great site with good information. (Note: most of the links don't work since so many good shrines have disappeared.)


sailormoon general

the oracle

Your #1 database for all Sailor Moon anime/manga/PGSM information. This girl has provided everything down to the smallest detail! I really like how organized her site is (she even has a "corrections" forum page!). I'll admit, it is a little stasis at times, with very little change in each section; but you'll find all the information you'll ever need here. Her links page is massive, highlighting some of the best sites out there for the Sailor Moon world. Recommended for all fans!

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