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Looking for some action?! You're in the right place! Watch Uranus and Neptune sing, dance, and fight in these clips from the anime and the musicals. Please only download one media at a time.

Please note: All videos are in .wmv format in .zip files. I recommend downloading Winzip and using Windows Media Player.


  • SAILOR STARS (1996) - Hiroko + Sanae

  • {{ Overture ]]

    Hiroko and Sanae perform a beautiful violin/piano duet of "Chasin' After You" in this revision. They are followed by a rockin' performance of the popular Three Lights' hit single of the same name.

    {{ Fukitsu na Kaze ~ Fukkatsu wa Higeki no Zenchou ]]

    The Animamates are after Small Lady!! Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto come to the rescue in their powerful revival in this musical revision. But the enemies are stronger than anticipated, so helps comes along ...

    {{ Sailor War Supreme ]]

    The senshi question the "help" of SailorStarlights and confront them. Are they friends or enemies? In a war-like stand off, the senshi groups introduce themselves and speak of their missions as soldiers. Will they reach an agreement before the enemy comes?

  • LAST DRACUL SAISHUU SHOU (2001) - Yuhka + Nao

  • {{ Chikyuu! Crisis Yurusumaji ]]

    The Vampires and followers of Vulcan are plotting something, but the Outers come in and interrupt their "conversation." Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn show just why they are the soldiers who protect the Outer solar system!

  • ANKOKU NO PRINCESS BLACK LADY (2001) - Yuhka + Nao

    {{ Broken Mobius ]]

    Crystal Tokyo is being destroyed! Uranus and Neptune come to get Pluto and end this chaos. But wherever chaos comes, so does Sailorsaturn, as she walks in and leads the Outers into battle. Fast-paced dance number from the soldiers of justice

  • MUGEN GAKUEN (2002) - Yuhka + Nao, Tomoko + Asako

    {{ Harsh! Saint Cry (re-arranged) ]]

    Two mysterious soldiers show up to save the Senshi from the powerful Death Busters. But are they friends or foes? Nao and Yuhka, in their last performance, go out with a bang in - ironically - H&M's introduction!

    {{ Harsh! Saint Cry (re-arranged) ]]

    The senshi are in trouble! But what's this? Two new soldiers appear? Tomoko & Asako take on this introduction piece with new blocking and staging in the revision of this S-based musical.

  • SHIN KAGUYA SHIMA DENSETSU (2004) - Takayo + Akiko

    {{ Moonlight Justice ]]

    On a summer vacation, the Sailor Soldiers are attacked by two strange characters. But the Outer Senshi and the Prince & Princess hold them off. Packed with action and two-part harmony, the Outers take the lead in defending the new enemies.

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