Even after the end of the manga and anime, fans can't get enough of H&M! There's so much out the dedicated to the couple that I can only hold so much! I've collected some of my favorites but also provided links where you can find more. If you would like to have your artistry featured, please use the contact form and I'll post it.

  1. Coming Back to Me :: Haruka-chan
  2. The rain fell slowly. It knocked against the glass door and trickled down to the ground, just as Haruka's tears fell to her feet as she looked into the foggy horizon ... As she struggled into her riding gear she had a flash back of the last time she saw Michiru's face. She remembered the sadness and pain in her eyes, then how she pushed their lips together and said "Goodbye Haruka", in her soft voice.

  3. A Quiet Evening Alone :: worldshaking
  4. The door closed behind the two women, and silence fell over the remaining pair. Haruka stepped up behind Michiru, slipping her arms around her partner's waist. Whispering into Michiru's ear, she said, "You know what this means, right? We're alone for the night. Totally, completely alone." Michiru sighed luxuriously and relaxed back into the blonde's embrace. "And nothing is going to disturb us. Not the phone, not the door, not email..."


  • ARTIST: harukanoten
  • I fell in love with haruka's artistry the first time saw "mystic." This artist has a wonderful way with that brush to make such touching pictures. I really like the way haruka blends realism with a sense of fantasy and elegance, most dramatically in the underwater painting (below). There's a big emphasis on the "bishonen" qualities of Haruka which make harukanoten's artworks all the more appealing.

  • ARTIST: bri-chan
  • So sweet! Michiru represents her god, Poseidon, and Haruka looks more like a goddess from the sky in an unfamiliar environment. The definition and detail of each outfit really shows how much time Tenkuu put into this; and it's time well spent! How I love a sweet super-deformed H&M! I love doujinshi!

  • ARTIST: bara-chan
  • Now this I like! Bara-chan draws H&M taking on the almost literal meanings of their senshi positions: Haruka's an angel ("soldier" of the sky), Michiru's mermaid ("soldier" of the sea). It's so brilliant! Gorgeous! Jaw-dropping! I love the way bara-chan draws them in a circle, almost like a representation of their continuous and undying love. Ah, it's so emotional! *tear*

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