H&M say a lot of things; a LOT of suggestive things. They're short, brisk, and a little dirty at times; but, they're the ways they "play" with each other. Most of these are from the anime because the have a lot more "adult" lines there.


  • (Haruka speaking to evil Michiru)
    When I run, you always follow.
    No matter how fast I run;
    no matter which way I run;
    You always were by my side.
    It must have been painful.
    Was it painful?
    But you smiled and continued to follow me, I understood.
    Even though you shouldn't have been able to keep up with my speed,
    You kept smiling.
    That's why I couldn't say anything.
    You are the soldier of smiles with the ocean in her eyes.
    But I am a soldier of battle
    I couldn't say "thank you"...

    super season

  • EPISODE 92
  • (After Usagi and Minako ask Haruka if Michiru is "his" girlfriend)
    Haruka- "My girlfriend?? My Michiru?"
    (Michiru meets up with Haruka outside the crown game center)
    Michiru - "You've become good friends with them Haruka?"
    Haruka - "Are you jealous?"
    Michiru - "Maybe ..."
    (Haruka speaking to Minako)
    Haruka - "Don't worry, you still have a chance"
    Michiru - "Don't be deceived! You're always saying that when you see a pretty girl."
    Haruka - "Don't say it like that!"
    Michiru - "You think you could say anything about it to me? I wonder if I should take home you're lunch..."
    Haruka - "Oh come on!"

  • EPISODE 94
  • (Usagi and Furuhata Unazuki are talking to Haruka and Michiru about first kisses)
    Michiru - "First kisses...we want to make the most of them don't we?"
    (Looks over at Haruka who gazes back)

  • EPISODE 101
  • Usagi - "Well I don't think of him as a boyfriend anymore!"
    Haruka - "Oh really? Does that mean I have a chance?"
    Michiru - "Not again Haruka!"
    Haruka - "I'm not kidding, I'm attracted to you."
    Usagi - "Uhh...Uhhhhh..I HAVE TO GO STUDY AT REI'S!!"

  • EPISODE 103
  • Haruka - "I'm glad we caught a cute goldfish."
    Michiru - "Oh? Cute?"
    Haruka - "What? Are you jealous?"
    Michiru - *laughs* "Maybe ..."

  • EPISODE 106
  • (Driving along the coastline)
    Haruka - "I'm glad to see you."
    Michiru - "What?"
    Haruka - "Let's keep driving. I'm not going to let you go tonight."
    Michiru - "My!"

  • EPISODE 107
  • (Michiru and Haruka the roses from Michiru's admirer)
    Michiru - "Haruka, it's not like you to be jealous"
    Haruka - "I'm not jealous; I just can't stand that you looked at someone besides me."
    Michiru - "That's jealousy, Haruka."

  • EPISODE 110
  • (Michiru and Haruka feel they'll find the Talisman today)
    Haruka - "These hands are dirty already. No matter what I have to do, I'll get the talisman."
    (Haruka holds up and looks at her hands)
    Michiru - "Don't worry; I like your hands."
    (She puts her fingers between Haruka's)

    (At Marine Cathedral, Uranus sees Neptune strapped to a door)
    Uranus - "Neptune ... Neptune!"
    (Runs across bridge and is shot by a barrage of darts)
    Eudial - "You fell into my trap! Idiot! If somebody other than me crosses the bridge, God's penalty will be imposed."
    Uranus -"God's penalty?"
    Eudial - "Don't worry! I haven't taken away Neptune's talisman yet. Not until I finish taking the other Talisman!"
    Uranus -"The other ... Talisman?"
    Eudial - "Yours! Never afraid of getting your hands dirty, you have been trying to protect this world. I'm talking about your heart!"
    Neptune - "Uranus ..."
    Uranus -"The talisman is sealed into a pure heart; I shouldn't have a talisman!"
    Eudial - "We'll see pretty soon! However, with those wounds you will probably be killed after being shot by this gun!"
    (Neptune breaks free from her bonds and runs towards Eudial & Uranus)
    Neptune - "Uranus!"
    (Darts shoot her and bring her down; she gets up)
    Neptune - "Haruka ... I won't let you die!"
    Uranus - "Wait, Neptune! Don't move!"
    (Darts shoot her and bring her dow again; she gets up again)
    Neptune - "Haruka!"
    Eudial - "Out of bullets!"
    (Eudial approches Neptune and shoots her; she dies and her talisman appears)

    stars season

  • EPISODE 167
  • (Together, at the aquarium)
    Haruka - "You like it here, don't you?"
    Michiru - "Now I feel relaxed; I can stay here for hours.
    Haruka - "I'll feel more relaxed when I'm in front of a steering wheel."
    Michiru - (laughs) "Don't be silly! I'm not talking about the fish."
    (Michiru is trying to pull Haruka up after being thrown off a building)
    Michiru - "I think you eat too many sweets these days."
    Haruka - "I never listen to that kind of talk outside of bed."
    (fighting glass people)
    Neptune - "I really wish..."
    Uranus - "What?"
    Neptune - "...that my intuition had not worked properly."
    Uranus - "Is that right? I think it's much better than wasting time."
    Neptune - "Are you saying that you're wasting time when we're together?"

  • EPISODE 170
  • (Mars decided to go with Neptune's and made a comment that Usagi would have gone her way)
    Neptune - "You two are good friends...just like Uranus and me"
    Mars - "Please don't think like that!"

  • EPISODE 179
  • (Standing by the coastline looking at the sea)
    Michiru - "A new wave is coming, right?"
    Haruka - "This could be the biggest one we've ever seen!"
    Michiru - "Our war seems endless doesn't it?"
    Haruka - "I don't care, as long as I can be with you."

  • EPISODE 180
  • (Haruka and Usagi walk in on Seiya undressing Michiru)
    Seiya: "Well, well. You're with a good-looking guy!"
    Usagi: "Don't be rude! Haruka's is ..."
    Michiru: "... my important partner!"
    Seiya: "Oh? You're bad-natured, Michiru."
    (Seiya leaves after shaking Haruka's hand)
    Haruka: "Don't let him into your dressing room, okay?"
    Michiru: "Oh? Are you jealous?"
    Haruka: "Michiru, I was ..."
    (Michiru touches Haruka's lips)
    Michiru: "Now do you want to help me (undress)?"
    Haruka: "All right."

  • EPISODE 181
  • (Haruka and Michiru enter the park and see Usagi)
    Haruka - "What are you doing here?"
    Usagi - "Haruka!"
    Michiru - "Only couples and pigeons come to the park on a holiday."
    (After Haruka talked to Usagi about going on a date with Seiya)
    Usagi - "Oh yeah! Well, we're not like that!"
    Michiru - "Haruka doesn't care for popular men."
    Haruka - "Hey..."
    Michiru - "I know, I know, Bye!" (she pulls Haruka along)
    Haruka - "Ouch! You're hurting me, Michiru!"
    Michiru - "Oh, am I?"
    Haruka - (coyly) "I want you to touch me gently."
    Michiru - "Later, when we're alone."
    Usagi - (with an extremely funny face) "It's an adult mood isn't it?"

  • EPISODE 194
  • Haruka - "It's getting cold, don't you think?"
    Michiru - "Do you want me to warm you up?"

  • EPISODE 196
  • Michiru - "Is it okay not to say goodbye to her?"
    Haruka - "It sounds as if I won't be able to see her anymore!"
    Michiru - "You might not be able ..."
    Haruka - "That's all right, because you're with me! Right?"
    Michiru - "Right."

  • EPISODE 197
  • Haruka - "Damn! Not even a scratch? I wonder if it's become dull!"
    Michiru - "Are you blaming your sword?"
    Haruka - "I don't think I've lost my edge!"
    Michiru - "Do you want to try it?"
    Haruka - "Let's wait until we're alone!"
    (After agreeing to wear the bracelets)
    Haruka - "If I can be with you, I don't mind selling my soul to the devil."
    Michiru - "Ok . . . I'm with you until I die."
    Haruka - "Let's be together in hell."

  • EPISODE 198
  • Michiru - "I can do anything with you. Even being burned by the fires of Hell."
    Haruka - "Hell? It doesn't suit you."
    Michiru - "I don't regret it ..."
    Haruka - "Are you ... scared ... Michiru?"
    Michiru - "Haruka ..."
    Haruka - "What?"
    Michiru - "I want to ... touch you ... Haruka ..."
    (They reach for each other and hold hands)
    Michiru - "I can ... see the light ..."
    Haruka - "You're warm ... Michiru ..."

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