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true love
  1. Their love is one-sided; Michiru loves Haruka. Think about it: who always saves the other from certain death (Ep. 110)? Who follows the other's decisions without reluctance (197)? Who reaches for the other's hand when they die (198)? Michiru clings to Haruka so much; it's pitiful.
  2. Ami: I'll admit; Michiru does seem to be the one "reaching" for Haruka but she is nowhere as "clingy" as ... say ... Usagi to Mamoru! I think Michiru acts almost like an older sibling to Haruka. She was the first to realize and understand her destiny as a sailor soldier and has come to terms with that. Haruka still appears to be "if-y" on the subject. In Episode 106 she refused to listen to Michiru even though she knew what she was saying was true. She almost rescues Usagi from getting her heart stolen even though it may be a Talisman. The manga expands of the Haruka-Usagi relationship, even having Haruka wondering what things "might" have been. Michiru's extends her hand whenever she feels Haruka is hesitant; it just shows how much Michiru understands her partner. It's probably hard to her, too - to moving towards a destiny at the expense of her personal dreams. Heck, even she keeps playing her violin and even flirting here or there! But she knows that the mission is more important and she struggles to keep her own urges at bay. By helping Haruka realize that she is not alone in her decision, that someone will be there to "catch her when she falls," that they can continue their destined path and look towards their dreams together; that's the beauty of their love: helping one another. Michiru reaches out her hand at the end of 198 because she doesn't want to let go; she wants to be there for Haruka (and vice-versa) even in hell.

  3. H&M never kiss, so how can you expect them to be in a relationship? Where's the love? Where's the affection? Haruka kisses Usagi; she never kisses Michiru!!
  4. Ami: In no book does it say that lovers must kiss each other. I believe that as long as they agree with each other on how to express their love, they can do whatever the hell they want to! Think about: at the time when Takeuchi published her manga being gay and open about it was not very popular. I think that may be why the only time H&M got "close" in the manga is early on when Haruka was still disguised as a man. But even that scene shows just how intimate H&M can be: embracing each other, hold hands, gazing into each other's eyes. Their love is so old-fashioned and pure that they don't need to kiss or sit on each other's laps. In the anime, Haruka puts her arm around Michiru a few times and they both have great romantic banter in-between. The death moments between them are so heart-touching because each is willing to give themselves up for the other. A weakened Michiru walks to Haruka even though bullets shoot through her body to try to save her. Haruka even sacrifices her Talisman after Michiru's is revealed and they both lay on the ground dead. That is true "love" not kissing!

  5. In the manga, it almost seems as if their relationship is one of close friendship rather than of romance (especially knowing that Haruka is a man out of senshi form). I know a lot of boy-girl friendships were they hug and hold each other; it's usually for comfort or just for fun.
  6. Ami: Well, some of the best romances bloom into friendships. Takeuchi's manga focuses mainly on the storyline and Usagi's maturation; she only offers glimpses of the other character's lives. However, I think she approached H&M's relationship as one that has matured, almost to the point of a "married couple." They enjoy each other's company and are always seen together. They were introduced together and fought together. They live in a "family" with the other Outers. But that does not mean there aren't times when things get intimate. In the Act 25 when Michiru worries about not being able to read her mirror, Haruka stops what she's doing and embraces her for a second. She lets her know that though "what they're trying to do may be useless" they do it together. There is obviously something more than friendship in the way Haruka holds Michiru and the way their eyes gaze into each others.

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