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Each of the main characters of BSSM represents their respective planet and Greek/Roman mythological god or goddess (i.e. Zeus/Jupiter, Aphrodite/Venus). Takeuchi-sama spent much time shaping each soldier's personality to fit attributes of their gods and their personal data (blood type, name, etc). You gotta praise a woman who would get her characters to near-perfect every way.

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the moon family

Tsukino Usagi / Sailormoon
In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

Usagi, Usagi, Usagi ... the complete opposite of the typical heroine. She's forgetful, undependable, loud, outspoken, and lacks any foresight - or even knowledge - of anything! But is that all bad? Usagi is the epiphany of an independent, nonconformist that follows her own path and makes her own destiny. She provides the comic relief and contrasts the quiet Mizuno Ami and the refined and mature Kaioh Michiru. I believe she shows the audience that sometimes different isn't all bad. So, hand-in-hand with her "ditzyness" comes her devotion and caring personality. She's the most loyal friend you'll ever find and has no trouble befriending some of the socially outcasted characters. Usagi's light-hearted attitude and optimism make her stand out in a crowd and attract new and interesting people. As a friend, she'll do anything to help you out even if it doesn't turn out the way she planned. Usagi's a dreamer, all right, but a dreamer big, BIG heart.

As a senshi, Sailormoon's not much different from Usagi. She does gain a few fighting skills, but still cries when she's in big trouble (especially during the first season). It takes the effort of all the others to get her motivated or even protect her. Such as hassle! But don't get her wrong; she'll gather the courage when all her friends are down. Sailormoon is the strongest soldier because of her powers to heal, reform and resurrect. She can use the power of light to do just about anything and accepts or gives all the power from the others. Her kind heart and positive strength make her the sought after senshi and most dangerous soldier. Seems like the klutz can be of some use ^_^.

Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Kamen
That, Tuxedo Kamen cannot forgive!

Quite possibly the *sexiest man alive,* Mamoru has everything: the looks, the charm, the sex appeal; he could be a girl's dream. But, at first, he comes off like a jerk. You know, one of those boys you think is cute but it sooo rude and annoying to you that you can't show other people you *adore* him so you just get angry and make fun of him and try to get him embarrassed, though when you do you feel really, really bad for doing it - yea, that kind of jerk. He's a very enigmatic man, rarely speaking of his past and sometimes silently staring off into the distance. Mamoru also has psychic powers similar to Hino Rei's; he can channel into the spirit or dream realm and can communicate with the dead and undead. Regardless, though, he has no sense of style. The clothes he wears - most strikingly in the anime - look sooo bad, using weird color combos like pale green and dark brown and a purple shirt with orange pants (OMG!!). Hmmm, I guess the "dream" boy doesn't have everything after all.

Ah, the elusive masked knight! Tuxedo Kamen is like a guardian angel for the Sailor Soldiers; he appears at the drop of a rose petal just in the nick of time to stop an enemy from giving a fatal blow. TK doesn't really have powers, so to speak, but does have skill and technique in rose throwing and fencing. The Inners adore his smoothness and skill at fighting. Even Sailormoon sees him in her dreams and gets all "googly-eyed" when he comes! But, it seems TK has another mission. He frequently yet short appearances may indicate that he is only saving them because they may help him complete a bigger mission. Why else wouldn't he stay and join up with them if he and the Senshi were fighting to save the earth?

Tsukino Usagi / Chibiusa / Small Lady / SailorChibi-Moon
In the name of the future Moon, I'll punish you!

Chibiusa - a.k.a. Small Lady - is a child from the Crystal Tokyo of the 30th century. She's a mature and determined girl who is somewhat Usagi's rival. Chibiusa first comes off very cold and menacing, seeming to push away any kind of moral. But really, she's just hiding a secret that lies within her. Really, Small Lady is just like a child: inquisitive, curious, and selfish at times. Yet she also has an intelligence and understanding that makes her grown-up and mature in the eyes of others. It's difficult for her to cope with her conflicting emotions; should she be the silly child or the serious adult? Kind of almost reminds you of some people doesn't it? (hint hint).

SailorChibi-Moon is almost exactly what her name says: a smaller version of Sailormoon. Her powers are cute and cuddly and reflect light and love, but they start off with little power. Not many enemies take her seriously because of her height and her "delicate" pink hearts that she likes the throw at them; it's so cute to watch her try to fight. But, she does wield a power very similar to Sailormoon's deep within her and has the potential to become a great soldier like her. SCMoon likes to take the challenge and show everyone that she's just as strong and any other senshi and can take it. Yea, she does get scared and run away, but she'll try to hide it by yelling at others for running away too.

the sailor team

Aino Minako / SailorV / Sailorvenus
Love's punishment, will bring you to your knees!

At first, she is very mysterious and exotic with her background as a "mysterious crime fighter"; but, you soon learn how silly and light-hearted she can be. Many equate Minako with Usagi: ditzy, clumsy, and just a silly girl; but that's not necessary true. While she does act a bit strange and aloof at times (constantly misinterpreting famous quotes and butchering them in speech in the anime), she does have a grace and agility similar to the Outer Senshi's. Minako is quite dramatic; she seems to have a lot of mood swings and goes from "happy-go-lucky" to suicidal in a flash. But that's most because she get so involved in anything she does. The determination makes her crave men like no other. She is always right beside Kino Makoto scouting for potential lovers and making love matches. You'll probably never find a more determined woman if you tried. Her antics do lead her down some troubles, though. Minako frequently makes herself a target for enemies - most usually because she aims for the spotlights. In the anime, her dreams are to become a popular star in singing, dancing, or anything musical. Unfortunately, Minako has no sense of rhythm or tone. But one can dream, no? Out of all of Inners, Minako's the most energetic and appealing, attracting a huge fanbase that reveres her as the most "spirited" character.

Sailorvenus is a prominent and effective leader - a dedicated soldier. Her powers are similar to Sailormoon's, drawing their power from her heart, love, and light. Sailorvenus is the only Inner to house a talisman-like weapon, the Venus love-chain, and use it in various ways. She is the most agile and flexible of the team because of her athletic background. You'll frequently see her flippin', skippin', and jumpin' around that none other. As the most experienced, her attacks rival that of Sailoruranus's in speed and accuracy, and her form is just as graceful as Sailorneptune's. Because of her determination as a soldier, Sailorvenus never really had any friends in the past; she always had to leave on a mission and never could truly get close of another person. The senshi are her true friends, so she'll do anything to ensure their safety.

Mizuno Ami / Sailormercury
Douse your head in water and repent!

Ami greatest strength is her intelligence; she humbly boasting an IQ of 300 and excels in all academic studies. Some label her as a "geek" because of her constant references to school and studying. Needless to say, many fans find her life boring and uninteresting. Ami shys away from the public and enjoys time by herself, studying, reading, or "eating sandwiches." She is not one to brag or even talk freely about herself, making her distant from her classmates. Outcast by the public because of her seeming pretentious attitude, she is apt to apologize for making anyone feel uncomfortable or angry. Indeed, Ami is probably the friendliest person you'll meet, you just have to get to know her first. But once you do become her friend, she is loyal and willing to give up her everything to protect you. One can easily admire her drive for success and determination in "protecting the Princess."

As a soldier, Sailormercury's main purpose is analysis and planning. She is the only soldier gifted with battle tactic devices: her mini-computer and VR visor. With them, she can pinpoint any weaknesses and quickly devise plans to paralyze or slow down an enemy. Nevertheless, many point to her low attack power and defense. Yes, Sailormercury's attacks do not have the offense and "punch" of the other senshi, but they do distract opponents in battle. For example, her "Shabon Spray" (Mercury Bubbles Blast) creates a fog that confuses her enemies and lowers the temperature. Most of her attacks deal solely with changing enemy status and inhibiting movement (freezing the enemy). It's difficult for actresses to play the "quiet and subdued" Ami trying to slip some of their own independence and strength in her. Her character is involves a multitude of emotions and expressions that actresses usually cannot develop.

Hino Rei / Sailormars
In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!

Rei is considered to be the most alluring and beautiful Inner. Her sleek black hair and violet eyes enchant audiences and make her a fan-favorite. She works part-time as a Shinto priestess at the Hikawa Shrine where her Grandpa lives. Rei's psychic powers and "sixth sense" enable her to feel the presence of spirits or predict the future. As a follower of the Shinto religion, she believes in the power of nature, spirits, and ethical principles to achieve serenity. Although she is gifted with foresight, she is very lonely and is shunned by her peers as a "freak." It has made her distant and pessimistic, cold to new people she meets. But once she feels comfortable with you, Rei will be very blunt and straight-forward. It's funny to see her get angry and go at it with Tsukino Usagi over just the smallest things (mostly in the anime). In the anime, Rei has an amazing singing voice and dreams to be a "singer, songwriter, or musician." Rei is the only soldier to have powers in both her civilian and senshi forms. She can stop oncoming spirits with an anti-evil scroll and the chant "Akuryo Taisan" or "Evil Spirit(s), Begone!"

As Sailormars, she is the senshi of flame and power. She has awesome control over her abilites, being able to mold fire into a fireball, and arrow, or a storm of flames. I believe many fans adore her because she makes fire into something elegant and grace rather than just a destructive force. Since Sailormars takes after the Greek/Roman god of war (Ares/Mars), her attacks are very offensive and frequently burn anything around them (even the Sailor Senshi, if they get in the way). The speed, however, is not as fast as the other senshi, but the power is just as great. I find it almost natural for actress to capture that fiery and passionate essence of Sailormars. Her mystery, suspense, and allure are qualities everyone can draw on.

Kino Makoto / Sailorjupiter
Awake the storm and send the lightning!

Kino Makoto is the fourth soldier and probably the most misinterpreted out of all of them. Many fans only see her as "strong, capricious, and tall" and neglect her sincerity, grace, and gentleness; nevertheless, both views have some truth. She is a very physically strong woman, even taking on a group of boys by herself! She is quite the protective friend and will do anything to defend what she believes in. Although her actions come off brash, Makoto's heart is pure, guiding her to be strong, just, and fair. She is skilled in the culinary arts and praised by Usagi for her sweets and desserts. Makoto shows interest in flowers and nature in general - even dreaming of one day becoming a flower arranger. Her greatest ambition is to fall in love with the "perfect boy." Even though she does prove to have a problem with the zealousness of men, she continues to try and fit into social norms of "the woman." Is she tired of being isolated?

As Sailorjupiter, she is the force and power of the Sailor Team. Her skills are very similar to the Outers, combining natural elements such as nature (flowers), thunder, and lightning. She concentrates on offensive strikes and attacks - probably the most vulnerable positions in a team. Attacks such as "Supreme Thunder" and "Sparkling Wide Pressure" are able to completely destroy enemies or buildings. SJ is usually the first soldier to jump into a situation or the first to "start somethin'." Her martial arts training prepares her to defend herself in hand-to-hand combat.

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