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Welcome to the Entertainment Archives. Here, I've collected multimedia samples of our favorite senshi from many different sources. You can view clips from the anime, live-action series, or musicals; search through an image gallery; read, write, or submit your own fandom. Disclaimers and important notes are scattered throughout the pages so be sure to read all notes before downloading anything. Thanx!

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Reformated and coded all the pages in the section. Things look A LOT better with the text titles and the next example boxes. Oh, CSS, let me count the ways I love thee ...
Posted for live on 2008-08-25.

Just added a new season of fashion and hair. I've also completely recoded all the pages and CSS so that it's easier to manage and looks better. I love this layout so I'm not planning to change it for awhile.
Posted for ami on 2008-08-13.

Added a new article: iMercury. It's about how technology is creating Mercury's gadgets. Pretty cool, huh?
Posted for media on 2008-08-10.