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As the senshi of ice and water, Sailormercury's role in the Sailor Team is probably the most diverse and most vital. She encompasses a myriad of offensive and defensive attacks, status ailments, and non-senshi abilities that make her one of the most prominent and efficient members of the Sailor Team. But why is she most often mistaken as the "weakest senshi"? Let's take a look:

It's an "accepted" fact that Sailormercury is not a primary offensive player in the BSSM team. Her attacks are usually defected, blocked, or ignored because of their non-intimidating presence. I must admit, up against fire, lighting, and wind, water/ice is not a daunting or frightening force. Take for example episode 41 (Ep. 37 in English): Evil Endymion catches up to Mercury but initially wanted to wait to fight all the Sailor Senshi. Nevertheless, he accepts SM's challenge to steal the Ginzuishou (Silver Crystal). When she attacks with her "Shabon Spray," Endymion easily blocks it and laughs; he is amused by her perseverance. Indeed, his disregard of her offensive stand is not without basis; however, like most enemies, Endymion underestimates the hidden strengths of Sailormercury.

What Mercury lacks in "power" she makes up with stealth and cunning; the majority of her attacks deal with changing enemy status and diverting/ confusing the enemy. Let me go back to the example given above from Episode 41. When "Shabon Spray" is used, it is blocked; however, it creates a field, cloaking her in a fine mist. Sailormercury is then able to creep behind Endymion and steal away the crystal he so proudly flaunts. I believe that her attacks are purposely low in offense in order to enhance their defensive side-effects. Sailormercury is an unpredictable fighter with unpredictable tactics.

I've also noticed that all of her attacks seem to have a grace and dance-like quality to them. She moves with enchanting elegance and a beautiful style that is not usually seen in the other soldier. Her "Shine Aqua Illusion" seems the most flowing to me. She spins around in a ballet-like dance while gathering the water her; it's really spectacular to watch. Even in the manga, her deliverance of "Shine Snow Illusion" has a kinda of seductive quality to it adding even more to its dazzle and allure. Perhaps these ostentatious displays are also used as diversion in order to attract the enemy and divert much attention away from what she's really doing or what's going on.

Moreover, Sailormercury's speed and clear accuracy also contribute to her cunning and "sly" tactics. She is one of the fastest and most accurate senshi represented in the Sailormoon Another Story SNES game. For example, during the battle with the Kisenian flower in the R movie, it is her "Shine Aqua Illusion" that makes contact with the enemy (and freezes it). She has impressive evasive manuevers which keep her conscious and ready to defend. Another Story exploits these traits by elevating her defense and evasion stats, giving her tolerance of multiple enemy attacks. In episode 97, competes against Kaioh Michiru in an informal swimming challenge. Michiru and Haruka were both impressed by Ami's ability to keep-up when her mind is clear.

One of Mercury's most useful strengths is her ability to freeze enemies. Attacks like "Shine Aqua Illusion" and "Shine Snow Illusion" enable her to paralyze enemies for a short amount of time - usually enough to carry out a plan, find a weakness, or kill the enemy. Her freezing powers are her strongest defense against any attack or potential danger. Referring back to the R movie, it was "Shine Aqua Illusion" that kept the Kisenian blossom in place longer enough for Sailormoon to kill it. Many times throughout the BSSM seasons, Mercury's freezing powers provided needed time to escape or counter.

But perhaps the most important Mercury role is that of the strategist. She is best known for her analytical and communicative capabilities via her special technological devices. In all three movies, she uses her technology to locate the sources, effects, and weaknesses of the unknown enemies. She is the tactician of the group and devises plans with a high chance of success. SMercury used her Miniature computer to dispel the illusion created by the DD Girls in the last few episodes of the first season. Her discovery led to the quick deaths of the remaining girls and Sailormoon's survival. However, ironically, Sailormercury's skill in analyzing the enemy causes her biggest weakness.

I must admit, our Mercury is extremely vulnerable whenever she's calculating. She is so determined to be of use that she neglects to protect herself from attack. Nehelenia commented on how determined her "digusting eyes" were when Ami was analyzing her movements in episode 170. She attacks Sailormercury only to scowl when the soldier continues to calculate and analyze. Nehelenia's attack does bring Ami down to her knees - a sign of her waning strength and targetability. Although, her determination and focus are very impressive, they do restrain her using her impressive evasion skills. Had Nehelenia's attack been strong enough, Mercury probably would have been knocked-out

In conclusion, Mercury is much more than your average soldier. She may not have the biting lighting-strike or the earth-shattering final blow. She may not have the piercing arrow or the penetrating mirror; she's better than that. Sailormercury has swiftness and agility that are only matched by her skills in analysis and distraction. Her attack power is low, no doubt; however, each attack serves a purpose behind brute force and confrontation. As a supporting member in the Sailor Team, Sailormercury is indispensible in the success and survival of each member. Now how weak is that?!

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