/I\ c.e [@}} water ++ powers

Merc's elements revolve around the water medium and all its forms (gas, liquids, solids). She's often compared to Sailorneptune, senshi of the waves, because of their shared connection to water. But SMerc uses water as a defensive rather than offensive power; her attacks deal mostly with protection and status. There are a few attacks, though, which mix the offensive and defensive properties of water to freeze, penetrate, or swallow a target. She is one of the few senshi who plays a versatile role in the Sailor Team.

[@}} MERCURY POWER, MAKE UP! ] ] == ep. 8 ++ act 3

This is the initally phrase Ami says to transform into Sailormercury. This power also utilizes the transformation pen as a functional device. In the manga, the pen is thrown into the air and Ami converts underneath the light. In the anime, however, a long "ribbon" of water surrounds Ami, engulfs her, and then she is transformed. She poses against a background of bubbles (which foreshadows this transformation's equipped power).

[@}} SHABON SPRAY / MERCURY BUBBLES BLAST ] ] == ep. 8 ++ act 3

Mercury's infamous bubble fog is her most common and probably one of the most effective attacks she uses. It is the first indicator of Mercury's status-altering abilities and techniques. "Shabon Spray" creates an thick fog with limits visibility and voluntary muscle movement. It cannot completely paralyze an enemy, but it will slow down their reaction time and possibly encourage a state of confusion/disorder. In the anime, this attack can also be magnified to an immense degree. Thus, "Double Shabon Spray" is used only with a massive number of enemies. The manga does not officially name this technique; Mercury simply thrust out her hand and creates a mist/fog in the atmosphere.


This technique is only used in Act 11 during a confrontation between Queen Beryl, Endymion, and the Sailor Senshi. A massive attack threatens to destroy the arcade and the control room. Mercury asks Luna to give her the temporal axis calucations from the computer. She then uses her power to create a dimensional shield to protect the area while the fight continues. It is not explained how this happens or whether Mercury controls this dimension; it appears she created it on a whim. I equate it to Episode 45 when Mercury uses 'Shabon Spray' to make a barrier around herself when she entersthe DD Girls fire sphere.

[@}} SHABON SPRAY FREEZING ] ] == ep. 53

This technique is ever used in the manga; it is an original anime idea based upon "Shabon Spray." In a similar fashion to "Shabon Spray", Mercury creates a torrent of bubbles in her hand. The bubbles collect together and freeze the target on contact (instead of spreading and creating a mist). Note, that this freezing lasts for only so long and can easily be broken if the victim is powerful enough; it is not of the same caliber as "Shine Aqua Illusion" though it could be called its predecessor. This is her new attack in the first part of the Sailor Moon R season after her re-awakening.


"Shine Aqua Illusion" is Sailormercury's first offensive move of all with defensive properties. This is a good example of her intermingled powers of ice & water. In the anime, she gathers a pool of water and turns it into a vortex of violently moving water. It can encase a target in a thick block of ice upon contact; it is stronger and more durable than her anime-only freezing attack. This is a very prominent technique after season 1 of the anime. The manga shows this attack creating a surging water current which drenches enemies; it is a full-offensive move. It is also learned before "Star Power" unlike its anime counterpart.

[@}} MERCURY STAR POWER, MAKE UP! ] ] == ep. 62 ++ act 15

Act 15 and episode 62 bring about the new transformation into Sailormercury. "Star Power" is a new techinique which I believe draws power from the designated stars of senshi and heightens up abilities and power. With a new wand in hand, Ami changes into a powered-up soldier with a new ability. Her outfit appears to be exactly the same; however, due to Takeuchi's maturity as an artist, it has a bit more detail and is more form-fitting. "Shine Snow Illusion" is equipped to this transformation phrase.

[@}} SHINE SNOW ILLUSION ] ] == act 15

"Shine Snow Illusion" is the new power Mercury gains when she learns the technique of "Star Power" in the Black Moon arc of the manga. This attack is never seen in the anime, so I can't really provide you with a play-by-play description of it. All that you really need to know is that it can freeze an enemy with a blizzard of ice and was first used against Beruche in Act 15. The anime combines this attack with its predecessor "Aqua Illusion" and merges their two properties into one versatile technique.

[@}} MERCURY PLANET POWER, MAKE UP! ] ] == act 24

"Planet Power" is the new technique Ami learned in the Death Busters series of the manga. Only the new Outer Senshe are given the "Planet Power" transformation sequence (possibly for marketing purposes). This techinique is used by all the Inner Senshi at once (possibly drawing power from all planets and dividing it among the four of them. They become even stronger, gain more powerful attacks as well as a bit of a costume alteration.

[@}} MERCURY AQUA MIRAGE ] ] == Ami-chan no Hatsukoi ++ act 15

One of Mercury's powerful offensive techniques. It is her most powerful one in the anime movie, Ami-chan no Hatsukoi; it is her second in the manga. Sailormercury gathers a sphere of liquid in her hands and shoots several torpedos of water at her target. The anime shows the enemy drenched in water and internally combusting in an explosion of water.

[@}} MERCURY CRYSTAL POWER, MAKE UP ] ] == ep. 151 ++ act 35

"Crystal Power" is the final transformation. In the manga, it is used for two transformations: one for SuperSailorMercury and another for SailorStarMercury - the anime only uses the first. There is no henshin stick this time; instead the hand is raised to concentrate the energy coming from her Sailor Crystal. Mercuru's back bow is slightly longer and she has see-through coverings above her shoulders. As SailorStarMercury, the circle in the middle of her front bow is changed into a star representing her starseed. This come equipped with "Aqua Rhapsody" and the Mercury Harp.

[@}} MERCURY AQUA RHAPSODY ] ] == ep.151 ++ act 35

As the final attack of Mercury in the BSSM series, it is her most out-right offensive one. "Aqua Rhapsody" is closely related to the Roman god Mercury in that it is performed with a harp/lyre - the first instrument Mercury created when he was just a baby. This attack releases a bullet of uncontrollable water that is most likely her fastest attack of all. It sends a fast-moving water current straight towards an enemy and can penetrate or submerge on contact.

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