/T\ e.c.h.n.o.l.o.g.y [@}} avanzada ++ items

Most of Mercury's items are used for strategic and analytical purposes. She the only soldier shown to possess advance technological know-how. Her items reinforce her interests in science and technology but also represent the "ice" part of her element: the cold, hard, factual, reflective part. But Mercury knows how to use these items to their full abilities without sacrificing her humanity and sense of justice. Take a gander at her wide range of advanced gadgets, devices, and their uses in her mission!

[@}} HENSHIN STICK / PEN TRANSFORMER ] ] == ep. 8 ++ act 2

Henshin Pens are used throughout the anime version as essential tools for transform; only through these magical pens can Ami ever change into Mercury. In the manga, I believe these are only used in the beginning and eventually are just discontinued. At the top of every henshin stick, you can clearly see the representative symbol of the planet Mercury. During transformation sequences, this symbol spins out of the stick and sort of changes to scene. I feel it could also be used as a distraction to enemies in that the bright light of the sign will limit vision and give Ami enough time to change. Each pen is decorated different and seems to resemble the type of transformation. (For example, the henshin stick for "Star Power" is in the form of a star.) Furthermore, the henshin stick may reflect a new type of technique that is learned such as the "Crystal Power" pen having the Aqua Harp behind the Mercury symbol.

[@}} MICRO-MINIATURE SUPER COMPUTER ] ] == ep. 9 ++ act 3

Graved with the Mercury symbol, it is a compact and blue computer with multiple functions. The keyboard appears to be the standard US English QWERTY layout (minus the 10-key). The screen projects information from linking sources (VR Visor, headset) in both English and Japanese. It has the ability to analyze anything and give as much information as possible. The computer also as recording and playback capabilities, calculative operations, and remote tracking; there really is no limit to what they computer can do! In regards to enemies and obstacles, the computer is able to exploit weak points and disadvantages in enemies. This allows Sailormercury to devise a strategic plan in order to overcome problems. Analyses appear to be quite accurate and reliable (although it is unknown whether information is stored and/or alterable).

[@}} WRIST COMMUNICATOR ] ] == ep. 9 ++ act 3

This watch functions as a communicator between the senshi (and a nifty time-teller!). I can be used as a phone, a television (in the anime), or just a simple watch. In the anime, it has a cover engraved with the Mercury symbol on it. It appears to use undetectable frequencies but is still affected by radio wave interceptions. Sound quality is slightly distorted (most likely because of its size and capacity) but sound is distinguishable and loud enough for interpersonal communication. Video quality is clear (though suspectible to weather conditions and other interference). The communicator will "beep" as a notification for incoming information. It does not appear function like a computer nor intercept other frequencies.

[@}} HEADSET / MICROPHONE ] ] == act 5

This communicator device is a manga-only device given only to Sailormercury. It appears be connected to her earrings and include an ear piece. It appears to also be a function associated with the earrings as it is not always present after transformation. The headset can communicate with the other senshi through their wrist communicators and has the possibility of utilizing other frequencies. Luna first displayed a headset in Act 3 when she was communicating with Sailormoon in a warped atmosphere. Takeuchi's early sketches of the senshi highlight the headset as an essential part of Mercury (and Jupiter's) uniforms; however, it is used on-and-off in the printed manga by Mercury only.

[@}} VIRTUAL-REALITY (VR) VISOR ] ] == ep. 9 ++ act 7

The Virtual-Reality (VR) Visor is a frequent item seen in both the anime and manga. This "handy-dandy" tool is more convenient than the mini-computer and appears to be linked to the mini-computer (though it can function without it). Activated by a twist of an earring, the visor appears as a translucent tinted screen over Mercury's eyes. Functions are similar to those of mini-computer, however values are mostly numerical (due to the lack of input method). The visor appears to have a wider radius than computer since it can detect incoming activity as well as analyze distant targets. Its function included identifying and analyzing speed, intesity, trajectory, etc (measurable characteristics). It does not appear to greatly affect sight or viewing.

[@}} MERCURY HARP ] ] == ep. 151 ++ act 35

The Mercury Harp is Sailormercury's first "weapon" (it is not used for analysis or calculation). It provides connection to the god Mercury (Hermes) and Greek mythology on which Takeuchi based some of Sailormercury's properties. The harp resembles a celtic harp in design and is capable of sounding a full glissando (smooth note-to-note slide) when played (though it is only shown to have a few strings). It is used for the attack "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody"; it is unknown whether it can be used as an instrument. Mercury Harp is unique in that is does not have the typical red and black strings and its sides resemble wings. In the manga, it is tangible, has a will of its own, and can speak to Sailormercury. In the anime, it is formed in Mercury's hands by rushing water during "Rhapsody"; it is not a stand-alone weapon.

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