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Soldier of ice and water, Sailormercury ... she more than just a fighter; she's a tactician, strategist, and protector blessed by the power of Mercury. But what sets her apart from the others who protect the Princess? This section focuses on the characteristics of Ami the soldier and her role as a Sailor Senshi. All 'Mizuno Ami' information is located in the Blue-eyed Goddess section.

Though based on factual information (which is usually footnoted[1] ), most of the conclusions you'll see are riddled with my own interpretation and opinion. Please do not take these essays as if Takeuchi wrote them herself.

@} storyline ++ brief history of sailormoon series
@} role of mercury ++ definition of mercury's senshi duties
@} ice&water ++ explanations of powers and transformations
@} technology ++ analysis of key technological devices
@} mythology ++ introduction and comparisons to god Hermes
@} doppleganger ++ enemy descriptions and connections
@} ice vs. sea ++ debate over sailorneptune vs. sailormercury
@} princess ++ revelation as a planetary princess
@} home ++ return to this page

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Added a new article: iMercury. It's about how technology is creating Mercury's gadgets. Pretty cool, huh?
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