/D\ o.p.p.l.e.g.a.n.g.e.r [@}} n e m e s i s ++ strongest enemies

Each Inner senshi usually has an evil counterpart that is an expression of the darker side of their characterisitcs. Sailormercury's are probably the most evil because of their direct contrast to SMerc's passion for love, honor, and justice. For the most part, her enemies dwell strongly in science and intelligence, using their talents against all moral lines and social norms. I think her enemies teach us a lesson of the value of morals and restrictions in the fields of science, academics, and technology.

/D\ o.p.p.l.e.g.a.n.g.e.r [@}} c l a s s i c ++ Zoisite / Zoycite

As the youngest member of the Shitennou, Zoisite is the most unstable and hormonal out of the four of them. He is the trainee of the Shitennou leader Kunzite (the two soon became lovers in the anime version); so, Zoisite has a great fear of disappointing Kunzite and strives very hard to please him. The manga represents the calm, calculating nature of Zoisite in his first scenes and shadowed appearances; he is in big contrast to Jadeite and Nephrite. His strategies are very resourceful and well-planned, using all necessary resources to gather the most amount of energy. But he does harbor a split personality that is jealous, ruthless, and irritable. The anime mostly plays with this side although it is seen towards the end of his time in the manga. Zoi is known for his dirty tricks, back-stabbing (literally) schemes, and clever disguises (usually as a woman). He has no remorse in killing Nephrite after Nephrite falls in love with Osaka Naru and risks his life to save her.

Probably the biggest is their feminine personality. They both exhibit a grace and attention to beauty that makes them a bit more "girlish" and "weak-looking" compared to their companions. Manga Zoisite is much more analytical and observant; he is seen frequently lurking in the back-drop watching Nephrite's and Jadeite's action. He mirrors Ami's senshi role as the strategist and analyzer. Zoisite also is the most insecure and depend of the Shitennou. It reminds me so of Ami's constant doubts and closeness to her friends. They both share a desire to be near someone and a fear of being alone. But there are stil differences. Zoisite is not afraid of using dirty tricks to get what he wants like striking from the back or hitting people while they're down; Ami would never be so cowardly or immoral in her actions. Her few assaults are the result of anger - yes, like Zoisite - but still have a fairness and righteousness. Also, Zoisite has no problems showing emotions: crying, shouting, getting angry; he is an emotionally unstable person. Ami, however, keeps her feelings inside (although they do come out every once in awhile but not on purpose). So, contrary to my former opinion, Zoisite is kind of "Ami gone wrong," or if she went to the dark side.

/D\ o.p.p.l.e.g.a.n.g.e.r [@}} r o m a n c e ++ Berthier / Beruche

The second youngest, yet highly analytical Ayakashi sister was the stunningly sexy Beruche. With long, braided, pale-blue hair, Beruche could be called the most intelligent of the Ayakashi sisters. She was able to determine Ami's secret identity and challenge her to a chess match on television. Not only is she beautiful and graceful, but she wields a great power over the medium of water - probably a power the challenges that of Sailor Neptune's. Although she only appeared in Act 15, I would say that she was probably one of more cunning enemies to seduce and trap Ami. Find out more about Berthier at my approved fanlisting to her, Just Breathe.

These two women have much in common. Ranging from their extreme intellect to their extraordinary beauty, I just don't know where to begin! Both girls have a tight control over water and are always considered counterparts and opposites. They are both masters of chess and have analytical skills that will amaze anyone. Though Berthier was a little more "revealing" that Ami, they both had a conservatism which enabled them to be undetected when the chance came upon them. But Berthier's water medium focus predominately on the offensive, powerful waves. She has a ruthlessness and immorality that mimicked that of Zoisite's. I think she truly showed how brains and intelligence can be harmful can be just as harmful as helpful to all.

/D\ o.p.p.l.e.g.a.n.g.e.r [@}} s u p e r ++ Viluy / Byruit

At level 202, Viluy was the start of the three most powerful witches in the Witches 5. She was a tactical fighter and a more strategic witch. We first see Viluy in the manga as Bidou Yui, a straight blue-white haired student at the famous Mugen Gakuen (Infinity Academy). She is the top student and is a strong representative of the Science department. In the both the anime and manga, Yui and Ami first met at Mugen Gakuen and she showed her a hologram of the Tau Star System that the science students had created. I believe this is where Pharaoh 90 is from but I could be wrong. Viluy was portrayed as an arrogant witch whose confidence in her skills and computers brought about her own downfall. Her attack as Mosiac Buster which released a storm of nano-robots that slowly "ate away" the flesh of their victim. Mercury's "Shine Aqua Illusion" jammed her wristbands that controlled the nano-robots, in the anime, and her own creations attack her. In the manga, though, Sailoruranus defeated Viluy with her Space Sword.

Seeing how these two women are the tactical fighters of each of their respected groups, there are many connections between them. Ami and Yui were both the top students of their schools and were academically equal. Unlike the other witches, Viluy took a less noticeable approach to her mission by posing as a student instead of a teacher - a very strategic move indeed. Mercury is the strategist of the Inner Senshi, therefore both women think alike when it comes to battle. Also, Ami and Viluy were skilled in science and technology. It's easy to see that Viluy's personality was created from Ami's but changed to suit her mission. Viluy, however, only has passion for science and technology; she lacks the morals and self-restraint, or rather scientific ethics, that would make her a successful scientist. Even Ami points out the pitifulness in pure science and no heart. She cannot understand a heartless approach to science - the field that is geared towards helping people.

/D\ o.p.p.l.e.g.a.n.g.e.r [@}} S u p e r S ++ Fisheye

As the most feminine and most emotional member of the Amazon Trio, Fisheye is one man that will always stay in your heart. He was born originally as a fish, but was taken away from his home and given the appearance of a human though he still maintained some of his fishlike tendencies. He doubled as a circus performer and lackie for the Dead Moon Circus - neither of them payed well :P Fisheye's mission was to search for Pegasus, a legendary guardian who protected the sacred Golden Crystal. Pegasus could only be found in the beautiful dreams of beautiful people. So who was beautiful to Fisheye? That's right! Boys! Strong, classy, and confident in his "masculinity", Fisheye would pose himself as a woman in order to lure his prey. Though his want for a real relationship got in the way, the refusal of the men would bring him back to his mission and he would look inside their dreams for Pegasus. Fisheye really stood out in a crowd: He was loud, bossy, and rebellious, but his heart understood friendship and love the most. In comparison, Fisheye's manga counterpart is very different. He wasn't as flashy as the anime; rather bland in his personality. Just one of the drones you could say. There was no real story to him and his died soon enough.

Since both their medium is water, Fisheye and Ami both have some similarities, but not much. I don't believe there is any interaction between them in the anime, but in the manga, Ami is Fisheye's first and only target. She buys him [as a fish] at a pet store and takes him home with her. He reminds her of her father in that there was a fish on his last postcard. Eventually, Ami is seduced by her own memories and Fisheye takes this chance to trap Ami in a nightmare but is unsuccessful in his mission. SailorMercury breaks through the nightmare and defeats Fisheye along with Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon. This is the only encounter that I've seen between them. But I got to say, that this does show a similarity between them. Both Ami and Fisheye have the determination to complete their mission, though for different reasons. They never give up on their dreams - even if they're forced - and follow through with their missions.

/D\ o.p.p.l.e.g.a.n.g.e.r [@}} SuperS ++ PallaPalla

Palla Palla is the unusual puppet master of Fisheye - the lady holding up the strings. She transformes Fisheye into a human in order to carry out the mission of the Amazones Quartetto, creates the pet shop in order to sell him, and encourages Ami to buy him. When he is killed, she pays no attention and goes on with her next plan. PP is very serious and dedicated to her work. She has a very morbid perception of reality and is somewhat of a demon child in what she does; nevertheless, she is probably the most successful out of the rest of Amazones Quartetto (the future Sailor Quartetto brainwashed by the evil Queen Nehelenia). The anime, however, completely goes the opposite way with PP's persona just like Fisheye's. She is the most immature and childish of AQ and likes to refer to herself in the third person (i.e. "Palla Palla wants _____" or "Palla Palla feels _____"). Her speciality in the Dead Moon Circus is ball balancing and frequently uses dolls and balls (that rhymes!) in her attacks. PP loves to play, so much that Zirconia had to make her mission sound like a game in order to attract PP's attention.

After finishing all of the SuperS arc/season, I see that PP acts somewhat like an antithesis to Ami. She's love to approach things like a game rather than a problem. I see her as coming off heartless and getting pleasure from torturing the minds of others; it represents sort of the "ice" type qualities: coldness, stiffness, hatred. Such sinister play is a direct challenge to Ami's view of what childhood should be like. PP abuses her age and innocence while Ami has had to mature than most children. What makes it better is that Ami and PP both share a meticulous approach to situations. PP takes the time to plan all her angles to get Ami trapped in her plot; she's smart and calculating just like the analyzing Sailormercury. I would have loved to see them go head-on in the anime SuperS but that didn't happen. PP's name also resemble "Pallas Athena" who is credited as the greek goddess of wisdom (a stab at Ami's own intelligence).

I do not believe any of the Anima Mates resemble the Inner Senshi as much as they do the Outer Senshi so that's why possible "twins" like Sailor Aluminum Siren and/or Sailor Iron Mouse are not listed here.

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