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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is a story of action, friendship, and the classic "good vs. evil." However, its origins spawn from tragic romance, jealous hatred, and sacrifice for the future. Below is an original synopsis of the beginnings of the BSSM story interspersed with quoted factual information. So now we begin: "a long, long time ago..."


Many years ago, there was once a great kingdom called the Moon Kingdom on the Sea of Serenity on the Moon.[1] Within a great crystal palace lived Queen Serenity and her daughter Princess Serenity. The queens trusted advisors were Luna and Artemis from the Planet Mau.[2] The Moon Kingdom was encircled by the kingdoms of the neighboring planets: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus; Princess Serenity became close to their princesses. Each princess also acted as a soldier who protected the moon princess at all costs. Little Serenity also had a love interest: the dashing and courageous Prince Endymion from Earth's Golden Kingdom. It truly was a peaceful and beautiful Silver Millenium.[1]

But all was not well in this time. Humans were forbidden to intermingle with the "immortals" of the Moon; connections between the kingdoms were presumably political and economical. As you can guess, the love between Serenity and Endymion was a well-kept secret. Endymion would "meet with [Serenity] as often as he could"; however, they were discovered and separated.

A young Earthian sorceress also had a love for Endymion - though it was obviously unrequited. She witnessed a secret, moon-lit encounter between the forbidden lovers and was emotionally torn. This young sorceress succumbed to her own jealously and malice within her heart and struck a deal with a evil entity. She became the "Queen of Darkness" Queen Beryl and used her magical tactics to brainwash humans to lead a full-force attack on the Moon Kingdom.[3]

The soldiers of the Moon princess fought against the surging forces but were losing to the great power of evil. The evil queen, now filled with power and confidence, confronted Prince Endymion. Endymion fought against the earthlings in order to shield his princess. Enraged and hysterical, Beryl committed a serious act of treachery and slew Endymion in front of the tearful eyes of Serenity. The princess - now distraught and broken - could not bear the thought of loneliness; she killed herself so she may die with her prince and her friends.

At seeing the destruction of her palace, her kingdom, and her daughter, Queen Serenity unleashed a great power to quell the anger and hatred around her. She used the mystic silver crystal, a source of magnificent power in the Silver Millenium, to transport the souls of her beloved to the future and seal away the great evil. This act activated three Talisman to awaken the power of silence to eradicate the Silver Millenium and bring forth a new era.[1] The good queen did not survive this ordeal...

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