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Collected here are the Sailormercury-related tracks from the Pretty Guardian Sailormoon CDs. They are listed in chronological order by album. Please right-click and press "Save Target As" when downloading.

All files are in encoded using Ogg Vorbis (.ogg format.) Most computer audio players can play .ogg files like Winamp and QCD, however you can search for a plug-in for Windows Media Player HERE. For more information about Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) encoding, please visit the Ogg Vorbis website or Sailormusic.net.

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Original Album: Dj Moon / 2004
01. DJ 1
02. Usagi no Tanoshii Ichinichi
03. DJ 2
04. Kirari*Sailor Dream by SAE
05. DJ 3
06. Nonbiri Usagi No Ichinichi
07. Okaimono Ni Ooisogashi
08. Kokorobosoi Hitori No Orusuban
09. Watashi Ha Ohimesama
10. Over Rainbow Tour
11. DJ 4
12. Higeki No Shujinkou
13. Onnanoko Ha Tokidoki Sabishiino
14. DJ 5
15. Oshaberi Luna
16. Fushigi Na Mahou No Item
17. DJ 6
18. Sailor Moon ni, Make Up!
19. Sailor Mercury ni, Make Up!
20. Sailor Jupiter ni, Make Up!
21. Sailor Mars ni, Make Up!
22. DJ 7
23. Akogare no Tuxedo Kamen
24. Uwaa Youma Daa
25. DJ 8
26. Katagoshi ni Kinsei
27. Sailor V
28. DJ 9
29. Dark Kingdom
30. Queen Beryl-sama
31. Dark Kingdom Shitennou
32. Sailor Senshi no Tayakai
33. Chibi Mamoru Koto Tuxedo Kamen
34. Sate Zikai Ha
35. DJ 10
36. C'est La Vie ~ Watashi No Naka No Koisuru Bubun

19. Sailor Mercury ni Make Up! ('Make Up!' as Sailor Mercury)

A very smooth and gentle BGM. I like how it has a "wave-like" quality to it's sound. It's actually kinda like the anime version, but a bit more elegant. The song has a lot of violin melody with a drum beat that carries the rhythm along the bottom. The harp solo at the end adds that last touch of innocence and beauty which hints at the Greek relationship between Mercury and Hermes. Really what you would expect SMercury's BGM to sound like.


Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Original Album: Dear My Friend / 2004
01. Kirari*SailorDream!
02. Here we go! -Shinjiru Chikara-
03. C'est La Vie ~ watashi no naka no koi suru bubun
04. Sakura Fubuki
05. Mi Amor
06. Lovely Yell
07. Sweet Little Resistance
08. Change of Pace
09. Kirari*Sailor Dream! (Memorial Instrumental Mix
10. Over Rainbow Tou
11. Romance
12. Yakusoku
13. Miracle Dance Night
14. Hoshi Furu Yoake
15. Katagoshi ni Kinsei
16. Friend

05. Mi Amor (Spanish for 'My Love') | [ LYRICS ]
Artist: Hama Chisaki

A very exotic melody with a nice dancing beat. Chisaki's voice sounds very little like I would expect Ami to sound like but she does have a power and richness that makes the song enjoyable still. Her Spanish is quite good (even considering how similar Japanese and Spanish are). Most of the lyrics are performed quite fast to keep up the "Caribbean beat." Everytime I hear this song, it makes me wanna dance, Samba-style ^_^. A good listen for any fan.

12. Yakusoku (Promise) | [ LYRICS ]
Artist: Hama Chisaki

I really don't like this song. It's slower than "Mi Amor," but it's void of the little passion Chisaki had in it. It's more like an Ashlee Simpson song that anything else. This is Ami's love song about looking at the sunset and thinking of her love. It's kinda boring after awhile and not as exciting as its predecessor.


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