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We all have our own thoughts and opinions. Why not express them? Below I've written some of my thoughts on Sailormoon related subjects and collected those from other fans. I like hearing and reading other people's thoughts on "why this is" or "what that means"; it helps me to look at everything in a different light. Enjoy!

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The Pressures of Japanese Education :: Ami ++ 19.06.08

In the anime, Ami is relentless in her studies. It is difficult to not find her somewhere reading a book, writing down notes, or reminding her friends that "we should take this time down to study!" And you may wonder why. Why is Ami's character the staple of the 'proper' Asian student? What makes her so stressed out and worried? The Japanese education system, that's what. The 'entrance exams' Ami speaks about are for admission into high school .... high school! Japanese high schools are renowed for their competitiveness ... Read More

iMercury: realizing the gadgets :: Ami ++ 10.07.08

With the second release of Apple's iPhone (and subsequent software update), it struck me: technology is developing at an alarming rate! Yea, I'm slow. However, the progress the industry is making is ridiculous: communication devices that fit in our ears, phones that play music, music players that act like phones; have we finally created Sailormercury's futuristic devices? Read More

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