soldiers of love

Each of the main characters of BSSM represents their respective planet and Greek/Roman mythological god or goddess (i.e. Zeus/Jupiter, Aphrodite/Venus). Takeuchi-sama spent much time shaping each soldier's personality to fit attributes of their gods and their personal data (blood type, name, etc). You gotta praise a woman who would get her characters to near-perfect every way.

Sailormoon / Tuxedo Kamen / SailorChibi-Moon / Sailorvenus / Sailormars / Sailorjupiter / Sailorneptune / Sailoruranus / Sailorpluto / Sailorsaturn

the moon family
Tsukino Usagi, Sailormoon

Senshi of Light (& Love)
Born on June 30, Cancer

"Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!"
(In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!)

Usagi is the title character and main protagonist of the BSSM series. As a spin-off of Aino Minako's character from the SailorV manga, she holds many of the same qualities especially in looks, attitude, and appearance. She is highly recognized by her blonde odangos (or "meatballs" in the Eng. verison) and is the symbol of the series.

Usagi, Usagi, Usagi ... the complete opposite of the typical heroine. She's forgetful, undependable, loud, outspoken, and lacks knowledge of almost everything! But is that all bad? Usagi is a true independent nonconformist who follows her own path and makes her own destiny. She provides the comic relief and contrasts the quiet Mizuno Ami and the refined and mature Kaioh Michiru. I believe she shows the audience that sometimes different isn't all bad. So, hand-in-hand with her "ditziness" comes her devotion and caring personality. She's the most loyal friend you'll ever find and has no trouble befriending those socially outcasted characters. Usagi's light-hearted attitude and optimism make her stand out in a crowd and attract new and interesting people. As a friend, she'll do anything to help you out even if it doesn't turn out the way she planned. Usagi's a dreamer, all right, but a dreamer with a big, BIG heart.

As a senshi, Sailormoon's not much different from Usagi. She does gain a few fighting skills, but still cries when she's in big trouble (especially during the first season). It takes the effort of all the others to get her motivated or even protect her. Such as hassle! But don't get her wrong; she'll gather the courage when all her friends are down. Sailormoon is the strongest soldier because of her powers to heal, reform and resurrect. She can use the power of light to do just about anything and accepts or gives all the power from the others. Sailormoon poses a very appealing power and strength that has attracted the greatest evils this world has known. Seems like the clutz can be of some use ^_^.

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Chiba Mamoru, Tuxedo Kamen

Warrior of the Rose
Born on August 03, Leo

"Kono Tuxedo Kamen ga urusanai!"
(That, Tuxedo Kamen won't forgive!)

Mamoru is basically the only important male character in the BSSM series and gets a lot of attention for it. He usually plays an important part in the plot or problem of an arch and is often the solution (like Usagi) More importantly, Mamoru is a WARRIOR OR PROTECTOR NOT A "SENSHI" SINCE "SENSHI" CAN ONLY BE WOMEN.

Quite possibly the *sexiest man alive,* Mamoru has everything: the looks, the charm, the sex appeal; he is a girl's dream. But, at first, he comes off like a jerk. You know, one of those boys you think is cute but it sooo rude and annoying to you that you can't show other people you *adore* him so you just get angry and make fun of him and try to get him embarrassed, though when you do, you feel really, really bad for doing it - yea, that kind of jerk. He's a very enigmatic man, rarely speaking of his past and sometimes silently staring off into the distance. Mamoru has psychic powers similar to Hino Rei's, allowing him to channel into the spirit or dream realms to communicate with the dead and undead. Regardless, though, he has no sense of style. The clothes he wears - most strikingly in the anime - look sooo bad, using weird color combos like pale green and dark brown and a purple shirt with orange pants (OMG!!). Hmmm, I guess the "dream" boy doesn't have everything after all.

Ah, the elusive masked knight! Tuxedo Kamen is like a guardian angel for the Sailor Soldiers; he appears at the drop of a rose petal just in the nick of time to stop an enemy from giving a fatal blow. TK may not have power like those he protects, but does have skill and fighting technique which make him a formidable foe. The Inner Senshi adore his smoothness and good looks; even Sailormoon sees him in her dreams and gets all "googly-eyed" when he comes! But, it seems TK has another mission. His frequent yet short appearances may indicate that he is only saving them because he needs to help him complete a bigger mission. Why else wouldn't he stay and join up with them if he and the Senshi were fighting to save the earth? What is the mystery behind this masked man?

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Tsukino Usagi, Sailor Chibi-Moon

Senshi of Light (& Love)
Born on June 30, Cancer

"Mirai no tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!"
(In the name of the future Moon, I'll punish you!)

Usagi (or Chibiusa, as she's called) first appears during the Black Moon season and is featured in the "Black Moon" and "Dream" Arcs of the series. This mature young lady has a mission to fulfill at any costs; what waits for the Sailor Soldiers are some surprises from this exciting "small lady."

Chibiusa - a.k.a. Small Lady - is a child from Crystal Tokyo of the 30th century. She's a mature and determined girl who is somewhat Usagi's rival. Chibiusa first comes off very cold and menacing, seeming to push away kindness and friendship. But that is to keep the insecurities of her past hidden. Small Lady is just like a child: lonely, inquisitive, curious, and selfish at times. Yet she also has an intelligence and understanding that makes her grown-up and mature in the eyes of others. It's difficult for her to cope with her conflicting emotions; should she be the ditzy child or the serious adult? Kind of almost reminds you of some people doesn't it? (hint hint).

SailorChibi-Moon is almost exactly what her name says: a smaller version of Sailormoon. Her powers are "cute and cuddly" projections of light & love (though weak at first). Not many enemies take her seriously because of her height and her "delicate" pink hearts that she likes the throw at them; it's just so cute to watch her try to fight. But, she does wield a power very similar to Sailormoon's deep within her and has the potential to become a great soldier like her. Chibi-Moon likes to take the challenge and show everyone that she's just as strong and any other senshi! Yea, she does get scared and run away, but she'll try to hide it by yelling at others for running away too. Eventually, she does become a prominent member of the Sailor Senshi team.

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guardian princesses
Aino Minako, Sailorvenus / SailorV

Senshi of Love, Light & Metal
Born on October 22, Libra

"Ai no tenbatsu, otosasete itadakimasu!"
(Love's punishment, will bring you to your knees!)

Minako is the basically the first soldier to be reborn on the earth. She was the star of Takeuchi Naoko's original manga, Codename wa SailorV. Her look was the basis for Tsukino Usagi / Sailormoon, so they look very much alike. She is guided by the guardian cat Artemis.

At first, Minako is very mysterious and exotic with her background as a "mysterious crime fighter"; but, you soon learn how silly and light-hearted she can be. Many equate Minako with Usagi: ditzy, clumsy, and just a silly girl; but that's not necessary true. While she does act a bit strange and aloof at times (constantly misinterpreting famous quotes and butchering them in speech in the anime), she does have technique and agility similar to the soldiers of the Outer Solar system. Minako is quite dramatic; she seems to have a lot of mood swings and goes from "happy-go-lucky" to suicidal in a flash. But that's most because she get so involved in anything she does. The determination makes her crave men like no other. She is always right beside Kino Makoto scouting for potential lovers and making love matches. You'll probably never find a more determined woman if you tried. Her antics do lead her down some troubles, though. Minako frequently makes herself a target for enemies - most usually because she aims for the spotlight. In the anime, her dreams are to become a popular star in singing, dancing, or anything musical. Unfortunately, Minako has no sense of rhythm or tone. But one can dream, no? Out of all of guardians, Minako's the most energetic and appealing, attracting a huge fanbase that reveres her as the most "spirited" character.

As SailorV or Sailorvenus, she is the leader of the guardian soldiers and a fierce fighter. Her powers mimic those of Sailormoon, drawing strength from her heart, love, and light. Sailorvenus is the only Inner to house a talisman-like weapon, the Venus love-chain, and use it in various ways. Does not that skill to wield such a weapon show her qualifications a leader? If not, then her abilities should. She is the most agile and flexible guardian, using her background as a fantastic volleyball player to her advantage. You'll frequently see her flippin', skippin', and jumpin' around that none other. Her attacks rival that of Sailoruranus's in speed and accuracy, and her form is just as graceful as Sailorneptune's. Because of her determination as a soldier, Sailorvenus never really had any friends in the past; she always had to leave on a mission and never could truly get close of another person. The other guardians are her true friends, so she'll do anything to ensure their safety.

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Hino Rei, Sailormars

Senshi of the Flame & Spirit
Born on April 17, Aries

"Kasei ni kawatte sekkan yo!"
(In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!)

Rei is the third senshi to join with Sailormoon, creating the long-lasting trio of the first 3 senshi to awaken together: Moon, Mercury & Mars. Her psychic powers, beauty, and command of fire, makes her a fan-favorite in all BSSM genre.

Rei is typically referred to as the most beautiful of the guardians. She works part-time as a Shinto priestess at the Hikawa Shrine where her Grandpa lives. As a follower of the Shinto religion, she believes in the power of nature, spirits, and ethical principles to achieve serenity. Her psychic powers and "sixth sense" enable her to feel the presence of spirits or predict the future. But this supernatural gift of foresight alienates her from her peers. It has made her distant and pessimistic, cold to new people she meets; her mystery and suspense are some of her most alluring qualities. But once she feels comfortable with you, Rei will be very blunt and straight-forward. It's funny to see her get angry and go at it with Tsukino Usagi over just the littliest things (mostly in the anime). In the anime, Rei has an amazing singing voice and dreams to be a "singer, songwriter, or musician." Rei is the only soldier to have powers in both her civilian and senshi forms. She can stop oncoming spirits with an anti-evil scroll and the chant "Akuryo Taisan" or "Evil Spirit(s), Begone!"

As Sailormars, she is the powerful senshi of fire. She has awesome control over her abilites, being able to mold fire into a fireball, and arrow, or a storm of flames. I believe many fans adore her because she uses the flame as something elegant and graceful rather than destructive. Since Sailormars reflects the Greek/Roman god of war (Ares/Mars), her attacks are very offensive and frequently burn anything around them (even the Sailor Senshi, if they get in the way). The speed, however, is not as fast as the other senshi, but the power is just as great. Her fiery passion and connection with the spiritual realm is highly features in the musicals and the live-action series; she's even got an upbeat rock solo proclaiming her position as the "Messenger of the Flame" ("Honou no Messenger").

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Kino Makoto, Sailorjupiter

Senshi of Thunder, Lightning & Nature
Born on December 5, Saggitarius

"Arashi wo okose ikazuchi wo furase yo!"
(Awake the storm and send the lightning!)

Makoto is the fourth soldier to appear and the last guardian to awaken. She often thinks with her fists and is prone to premature assaults at the enemy. Though her fanbase is not a large as the other's, she garners a select number of fans who admire her "masculine" and "feminine" characteristics

Makoto probably the most misinterpreted guardian out of all of them. Many fans only see her as "strong, capricious, and tall" and neglect her sincerity, grace, and gentleness; nevertheless, both views have some truth. She is a very physically strong woman, even taking on a group of boys by herself! Makoto is unusually tall giving her a very intimidating presence. She is quite the protective friend and will do anything to defend what she believes in. Although her actions are mostly brash and ill-conceived, Makoto's heart is pure, guiding her will to be strong, just, and fair. But under that "rough and tough" facade, she embraces the gentle qualities of a "mature lady." She is skilled in the culinary arts and praised by Usagi for her sweets and desserts. Makoto shows interest in flowers and nature in general - even dreaming of one day becoming a flower arranger. Her greatest ambitions are those in love where she falls in love with almost every cute boy she sees! In my opinion, it almost seems as though she strives to sort of deny her "masculine" qualities by showing great promise in what are considered to be "female" aspirations (cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc.). Even though she does prove to have a problem with the over-zealousy of men, she continues to try and fit in in society. Is she afraid of rejection, isolation, or disgust? A very contradictory - yet strangely complex - character indeed.

As Sailorjupiter, she is the force and power of the Sailor Team. Her elements are very similar to the Outers, combining natural elements such as nature (flowers), thunder, and lightning. Her main purposes are offensive strikes and attacks - probably the most vulnerable positions in a team. Attacks such as "Supreme Thunder" and "Sparkling Wide Pressure" are able to completely destroy enemies or buildings. SJ is usually the first soldier to jump into a situation or the first to "start somethin'." However, she has little defense and occassionally leaves herself open to attacks. As in the R Movie, she sometimes allows her strength and anger to overcome her judgement and blind her to incoming strikes up until the last minute. On a lighter note, Jup's speed and agility match that of Uranus's and is usually a fan-favorite comparison. Even Elsa Gray (Ep. 106) comments on SJ's "good running hips" and how skilled an athlete she could become.

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soldiers from a distance
Meioh Setsuna, Sailorpluto

Senshi of Time & Space
Born on October 29, Scorpio

"Jikuu no hoshi, Meiousei wo shugo ni motsu, henkaku no senshi!"
(Protected by the planet of Time, Pluto, the soldier of revolution)

Setsuna is the oldest of the soldiers, appearing in the Black Moon season. Her mission is to guard to door of time and protect the flow of space from intruders. With such a lonely position, she does not frequently appear in the series until the later arcs.

Setsuna is said to be a mysterious person who enjoys the comfort of herself. Some people even believe she is "stuck up" because of her loneliness. Even though she lives alone and is very secluded, Setsuna can be described as a very loving and gentle person; she loves all and protects all. Setsuna eternally guards the flow of time in the time-space continum, living alone sheltered from all people. Being as lonely as she is, she has developed a love of friendship. Setsuna's kind heart is expressed through her love for Tsukino Chibiusa and Tomoe Hotaru. Along with Michiru and Haruka, Setsuna was considered as Hotaru's parental guardian and "mother."

As Sailorpluto, she remains calm in tough situations; she doesn't usually let her feelings interfere with her work. At times, though, she lets the feelings of Setsuna appear to save her friends. As in the "S" series, she stopped time in order to save the other senshi; as a consequence she destroyed her mortal body for a time. Sailorpluto is a loyal senshi who respects her allies and orders. One example of her loyalty to her fellow senshi is her sacrifice for her fellow senshi. Because she is widely associated with time and space, it is no surprise that her attacks have something to do with death and the spiritual realm. These are probably some of the most powerful attacks since the price to pay when they are used is extremely high. Most of these attacks are focused around the Garnet Ball, not the rod as some may be mistaken. It is no wonder why it was once taboo to use these moves; and why she was forced to use them regardless.

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Kaioh Michiru, Sailorneptune

Senshi of the Seas & Music
Born on March 6, Pisces

"Shinkai no hoshi, Kaiousei wo shugo ni motsu, hoyou no senshi!"
(Protected by the planet of the Deep Sea, Neptune, the maternal soldier)

Michiru appears in the Infinity Arc and wields the first Talisman we see. She is a master of the violin and attends Mugen Gakuen, a school for gifted and talented students of all grades.

Considered to be the "perfect soldier," Kaioh Michiru is a popular character to hate. She is the exact recipricol of the Tsukino Usagi: elegant, graceful, talented, sophisticated; but many people think of her as cold, b*tcy, and "full of herself." Could they be more wrong? Michiru may seem a little heartless sometimes, but it only because of her dedication to her mission; she won't let anything get in her way. On a lighter note, Michiru is quite intelligent and has a unbelieveable intuition; her smarts even challenge that of the "genius girl" Mizuno Ami! Michiru most prominent quality is her keen perception and emotions. It's this gift that's allowed her to find her partner, sense the presence of danger, and detect the innermost feelings of others. Some don't believe it, but Michiru is emotionally and deeply connected to Tenoh Haruka; they are lovers who fight side-by-side.

Neptune is one of the familiar powerhouses of the Outer Senshi. Her attacks easily blend with Uranus's and Pluto's and very recognizeable with fans. However, offense is not her only skill. Neptune appears to have a bit of learning in the martial arts and has amazing agility and speed that keep her at the same level as her partner, Uranus. The two are usually seen jumping from place to place or quickly running ahead. Her attacks are very accurate and rarely ever miss, making her one of the most effective senshi in the Sailor Team. Neptune's abilities harness the power of the ocean and waves, not just "water." Unlike Sailormercury, she cannot freeze opponents or change the status of the area, but she does incapacitate enemies in a wall of sea water stopping all outward movement. Neptune's strength is mostly offensive, but she does have atleast one defensive ability. However, what sets this senshi apart from the others is her talent to use her violin as a weapon to control the waters. She, like Uranus, mixes two natural elements to create a substantial amount of force: music and the seas.

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Tenoh Haruka, Sailoruranus

Senshi of the Skys & Earth
Born on January 27, Aquarius

"Tenkuu no hoshi, Tenousei wo shugo ni motsu, hishou no senshi!"
(Protected by the planet of the Distant Sky, Uranus, the soldier of flight)

Haruka appears in the Infinity Arc and wields the second Talisman. She is a talented track star and pianist, attending Mugen Gakuen, a school for gifted and talented students of all grades.

Haruka personality is two-fold: one side is very playful yet conflicted; the other, cold and devoted. But we see more of the "flirty" side of her. She first appears as a man - a popular racecar driver. It's hard to believe, but she is both a man and a woman (the "senshi of both genders" at Naoko calls her). I think Haruka really likes to impress people with her talents, especially young and innocent girls who *adore* her. Even though Haruka may enjoy a little time away from her mission, she does return to it with little reluctance and a lot of devotion. She has her doubts, of course, of whether or not she should keep going, but they cannot stop her. Haruka may harbor a bit of an inferiority complex. Her mannerisms are very masculine and she does seem to enjoy playing off as one, but she could also be trying to prove a valid point: women are equal to men. It may surprise you, but she is deeply involved with Kaioh Michiru and has devoted her life to protecting her.

Uranus's powers capture the aspects of both genders: the gentleness and swiftness of a woman and the strength and power of a man. You will usually see her attacks mixed with Neptune's for a deadly combination. But, Uranus's not all about strengh; she does exhibit some knowledge of the martial arts. She is frequently shown jumping and kicking with a good amount of skill and force; so, she has some background in defensive and hand-to-hand combat. SUranus's abilities simulate the sky and the earth, mixing two natural opposite forces. Though she cannot use the "nature" which inhabits the earth like Sailorjupiter, she can cause violent changes in the the terrain and mimic the effects of an earthquake. Her sword focuses on wind power, using its speed and strength to make a sharp cut in anything she swipes. Uranus is a very swift and agile athlete, so she mixes her own natural talents with her powers for a quick victory.

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Tomoe Hotaru, Sailorsaturn

Senshi of Destruction & Birth
Born on January 6, Capricorn

"Chinmoku no hoshi, dosei wo shugo ni motsu, hametsu to tanjou no senshi"
(Protected by the planet of Silence, Saturn, the soldier of destruction and birth)

Hotaru appears in the Infinity Arc and becomes a major character. Her mysterious powers as a senshi make her a fan-favorite and show-stopper in the musicals. Hotaru is second soldier whose family is featured in a season.

Hotaru was born into a family of scientists. Her father, Tomoe Souichi, is a "ruthless, unprincipled, and intelligent" scientist. His project was the merge the living and the nonliving to create a "superhuman." After a terrible accident, Hotaru develops many problems. For one, she was never able to fully recover and constantly engages in fits, coughing and falling to the floor in great pain. On the plus side - with what little can be called a "plus" - Hotaru has the ability to heal herself and others, although this skill does drain her own strength. At her school (Mugen Gakuen, 6th grade), she is distanced and separated from her classmates and grows up very lonely. Hotaru is quite frail and shy. She keeps a lot of herself, most likely because she is afraid of what she may do. But that also expresses her maturity and "grown-up" attitude. Hotaru recognizes her own fears and does her best to keep others safe. When Hotaru meets Tsukino Chibiusa, she befriends her and finally is able to have that friendship she always wanted.

As a soldier, Sailorsaturn is the most feared; her powers deal with death and rebirth. She is the main mission of the Outer Senshi. She sleeps until the end of an age and ushers in a new era by "clearing the slate." Her Silence Glaive brought about the end of the Silver Millennium and thus sealed its fate. Many fans regard her as the most powerful senshi, but this is most likely based on her offense alone. Yes, Sailorsaturn's powers have the strongest effect out of the Sailor Team, but it takes much to actually use them. Usually after use, she reverts to a much weaker state: either to a baby or a drained soldier. Sailormoon is able to endure her attacks and save the world from complete destruction. Sailorsaturn also can protect her allies using her "Silent Wall" which reflects and absorbs outward attacks.

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